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BOOK: SERIAL MURDER - An Elusive Phenomenon

Egger, Steven A.
Serial murder : An Elusive Phenomenon
Copyright 1990 by Steven A. Egger

In Dr. Egger's first book, he joins with five other authors who represent a variety of disciplines, but who have a common focus. In Dr. Egger's words, "This work will present the reader with a careful development of state-of-the-art theory and research on the phenomenon of serial murder."

And he concedes, in the end, it is likely to raise more questions than it answers. His intent is "to provide the structure and implicit methodology of a research agenda for futher study and research of the phenomenon of serial murder."

Dr. Egger's later books build upon the framework created by the meticulous research and data collection represented in this first product. This book is no longer in print, although an occasional used copy will surface for sale on the internet. To provide the reader who might wish to further research this early material, the five additional authors and the titles of their chapters are as follows: