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BOOK: THE KILLERS AMONG US: Examination of Serial Murder and Its Investigation

Egger, Steven A.
The Killers Among Us: Examination of Serial Murder and Its Investigation
Copyright 1990 by Steven A. Egger

Dr. Egger's first edition of his second book builds upon the framework laid by his first. It is able to fill in some of the gaps. Dr. Egger defines the crime and describes a few common traits and behaviors, both psychological and geographical, that may be looked for in the killers. His observations of Media reporting of serial killings and the disturbing trend to glorify the killer as an "outlaw/hero" gives the reader cause to pause and consider.

Dr. Egger also examines the possibilities and pitfalls of profiling, backed by data from a larger quantity of case studies which are examined in greater detail. A number of the serial killers included as case studies were interviewed in prison by Dr. Egger. Please visit this CourtTV linkfor very detailed accounts of the interviews and additional information.

The latter part of the text first examines to the specific problems that are unique to this type of crime, including the concept of the "less-dead" - typical serial murder victims from marginal society that are unlikely to be missed and "linkage blindness" - essentially the inability of law enforcement agencies to see beyond the confines of their own jurisdictions and identify patterns. In the latter part of the book, different strategies used in serial murder investigations are enumerated and elaborated. Finally, as in his first book, Dr. Egger lays the groundwork for future research.

The second edition of this book is completely revised as well as updated with additional case studies; two of which are written by Dr. Egger's former students. The chapter on victims has been revised and updated by his wife, Kim Egger.