Police Officer and Homicide Investigator, Ann Arbor Police Department, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Activities included patrol, special investigative assignments, academy

instructor and hit and run accident investigations. Homicide investigator of a serial murder in the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area, generally referred to as the “Michigan Murders.” (1967-1969)


Police Officer, Flint Police Department, Flint, Michigan. Evaluated as number 1 of eligibility list of eighteen police administration college students at Michigan State University (MSU) accepted by Civil Service Commission. Foot patrol and squad car patrol in high crime rate areas. Received C.S. Mott Scholarship to attend classes at MSU. (1967)


Military Police Officer, Special Accident Investigator and Desk Sergeant, US Army Military Police Crops, Western Germany. Various operational and supervisory police assignments including instructor, traffic safety surveyor, patrol supervisor and desk sergeant. (1964-1967)