Meet Dr. Steven Egger

Image of Dr. Egger

Dr. Steven A. Egger is a criminal justice expert and renowned specialist on the crime of serial homicide. Over past two decades, he has played a significant role worldwide in the development of this area in criminology.

Drawing on his extensive investigative experience and academic research, Dr Egger has authored four books and numerous professional papers. He coined the terms “less-dead” and “linkage blindness” to distinguish and define key concepts associated with serial rape and homicide. He has acted as reviewer and editor of trade journals and lectured in Spain, England, the Netherlands and Canada as well as in U.S.

Currently a tenured Associate Professor of Criminology at the University of Houston – Clear Lake, Dr. Egger, when his schedule allows it, also lectures and conducts workshops and training for investigators and law enforcement agencies to better prepare them to cope with the distinct challenges of this type of crime. He is called upon as a consultant for both ongoing criminal investigations and for future agency preparedness and response tactics. Documentary and fiction writers and the news media frequently seek his input for their special purposes. Projects Dr. Egger now has in progress continue to target improved response to and prevention of these disasterous, difficult and elusive crimes.